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Do your own investigations and background checks online for free. Whether you need to check into a new renter, employee or boyfriend, you can search the largest criminal arrest record database.


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Find felony convictions, misdemeanors, warrants, civil court records, judgments, lawsuits and a complete court history with detailed federal, state and county criminal arrest records and police reports. Arrest records are the most comprehensive and detailed reports with dropped charges, dismissed cases, misdemeanors, felony arrests in all states. Before you hire an employee or a new nanny then get their complete background and personal history.

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Research criminal data history at Browse through our criminal arrest records website and request a free search to bring up all government records and court filings. Get access to police records and complete criminal history plus the latests mugshots and bookings for felony and misdemeanor arrests. We also run background checks for prospective employers and landlords. Do you want to know if someone has been booked recently? Even if a criminal charge has been dropped, it will still show up on an arrest record report. People who have been arrested, may not have been charged or convicted of a crime, so they are presumed innocent. For the past eighteen years, we have lead the industry with the most comprehensive criminal history reports, outstanding warrant search and public arrest records for all of our premium customers. You can search by state or county.

We offer the convenience of online ordering and instant access to our archive of records and central database of government filings. We currently have a discount price savings for all background history services. Our reports always pull the newest records available and are refreshed constantly throughout the day. Please provide as much information as you have, including aliases and past addresses so we can do as complete a job as possible.



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